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The Ultimate BGMI & PUBG Mobile EAP

KingMods revolutionizes BGMI and PUBG Mobile mods, catering to rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Providing robust support across multiple Android versions, it ensures safe and anti-ban gaming environments. This article delves into KingMods’ offerings and recent updates, highlighting its comprehensive solutions for gamers.

Android Root and Non-Root Devices

KingMods offers extensive compatibility across Android versions 10 to 13, accommodating a broad range of devices. It guarantees seamless functionality and support for BGMI, the global iteration, and the Korean variant of PUBG, ensuring users across different versions have access to its features without any compatibility issues.



The feature set of KingMods is extensive and tailored to elevate the gaming experience while maintaining safety and security:

  1. In-built ESP:  Empowering players with enhanced visibility and information, the ESP feature offers insights into various in-game elements.
  2. In-built Injector:  Treamlining the process of injecting modifications seamlessly.
  3. All-in-one APK:  A consolidated package delivering multiple functionalities in a single application.
  4. Colorful ESP:  Enhancing visual cues with vibrant and customizable ESP options.
  5. Aimbot:  Multiple aimbot functionalities including Memory Bullet Tracking, Silent Aim, and Touch Aim, ensuring precision and accuracy in gameplay.
  6. Customizable ESP:  Tailor the ESP settings according to individual preferences.
  7. Warning System:  Alerts to ensure a safer gaming environment by notifying users about potential risks.

Recent Updates and Fixes For Android PUBG ESP

The development team at KingMods is dedicated to ensuring a seamless gaming experience by promptly addressing and fixing any issues:

  1. Bug Fixes:  Various issues related to ESP and Aimbot functionalities have been diligently resolved.
  2. Compensation:  Users faced with issues are compensated with an additional three days added to their subscription keys.

Update Notes:

  • For BGMI Android users, an update to version 2.7 aligns with the Play Store version, addressing certain stability issues.
  • A temporary fix in visibility check has been implemented to stabilize the mod for low-end devices. A more comprehensive update is in progress to address this concern.

Recent Platform Update:

  • Enhanced anti-ban measures have been incorporated for Android versions (GL / KR / BGMI).
  • Fixes to 360 Alert display and lag issues reported by users have been successfully implemented.
  • Users experiencing stability or crashing issues have the option to disable “Show Bones” temporarily, with plans for a more efficient solution in the pipeline.

Payment Methods: KingMods offers multiple payment methods for user convenience, including UPI, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Paysend, Transfer Wise, Skrill, USDT, LTC, BTC, Bkash, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, and Beswa.

In conclusion, KingMods stands as a comprehensive and user-centric modding platform for BGMI and PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, emphasizing safety, functionality, and continuous improvement to ensure an unparalleled gaming experience.